Latest Computer Reviews for Interesting Releases

The computer industry is not exactly known for being static. New and innovative new models are released to the market each and every year. Not every computer is a hit with consumers. Even major name brand computer companies have released some duds. Needles to say, it is best to focus your consumer attention towards interesting and unique computers currently being given honorable reviews.

New Releases

What are some of the releases that consumers and the computer magazines are speaking highly about? Here are three atypical models receiving praise.

1. The Acer Aspire V7

Acer has released a solid winner with this 15 inch gamer ultrabook. The sleek little model is fast, has great battery life, and a 24GB solid-state drive that is complemented by 12GB of DDR3/1600 memory. No one is going to call the Aspire V7 the perfect new ultrabook, but it is definitely a good one for gaming fans looking for an impressive experience.

2. HP Slate 21 Pro All-in-One PC

At under $400, the HP Slate 21 Pro All-in-One PC is a fine computer although the idea of running Android on a desktop might seem a little odd. For those who primarily use a laptop and would like a secondary unit in the form of a desktop, the low cost associated with the HP Slate 21 makes it a good investment. (No, Android is not all that bad for a desktop) The Slate 21 Pro is a unique PC because it was mainly designed as a business computer, but has other features allowing the unit to work fine for the home. Access to both local or cloud apps along with the ability to plug a Windows computer or laptop into the Slate 21 Pro and utilize touchscreen displays further contributes to the innovative nature of this desktop.

3. Dell Venue 11 Pro

What makes the Dell Venue 11 Pro such an interesting tablet is that it can be turned into a small notebook or an all-in-one PC thanks to two very simple to install accessories. A battery life of two full days is another appealing feature. The memory and storage (just 2GB!) could both be a little better and the model is a bit heavy. That said, the powerful Atom processor is perfect for handling daily tasks.

The three computers mentioned here might not be cut from the generic desktop/laptop/tablet mold, but they do stand out and in a good way. They might be a little atypical, but they are garnering decent reviews.

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