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Ira Riklis Technology BlogMy name is Ira Riklis. I am the CEO at Lydia Security Monitoring Inc. dba C.O.P.S. Monitoring. Technology is very important in the monitoring business as we offer security and fire alarm, medical alert and other two-way voice alarm, video, environmental, industrial process, and custom monitoring services. All that to say, I enjoy technology, like and need to keep up to date with  different types of technology news from latest viruses,computers and different types of industry related news.

In this blog I will be sharing with with you technology information that comes my way.

Background Information

I was born in the United States to Meshulam Riklis and Judith Stern. I attended the Wharton School of business for an undergraduate degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship from 1973 to 1976.I continued on to complete a post-graduate program at the Wharton School of Business in 1977 where I received an MBA in Mergers and Acquisitions.

I’m also an avid philanthropist and am not shy about giving. I donate to charities around New York City. These donations are often made in such a way that, with the funds, the non-profits can help themselves succeed. With a sturdy plan and budget like this, the aim is to help charities from their launch to the time when other benefactors will lend a helping hand.This has been done with The Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty.  The Wall Street Journal recently covered me in a story about my views on charity and charitable background. The article was titled: “Ira Riklis Gives Early and Often“. Additionally, I  dedicate my time to charities through various boards that I sit on. From 1990 to 2010, I sat on the American Committee for the Tel Aviv Foundation. I truly enjoy promoting 501(c)3 charities around the United States by featuring them on one of my many hobby blogs! The blog is called the “Charity Blog By Ira Riklis“.

Bloggers Delight

As if life is not busy enough, I add more to it with my blogging! I love to maintain an active presence on the web and try by all means to share some of my experiences and interests with others. As part of this interest I’ve developed almost a brand of different hobby blogs. Other than this blog, you can share in some of my passions and interests on my foodhumoryoga and history blogs and feel free to visit my Google + page where I share many posts and interesting tidbits!

Ira Riklis with friends; 50th Birthday Party

Ira Riklis