Automated Valet Parking

There is absolutely no question that driving around a parking lot searching for a parking space is a frustrating scenario. Now imagine this – you arrive at a packed retail establishment with no parking space in sight; however, you no longer have to worry about finding a spot. You simply step out of your vehicle,... Read More

Will Robots Take Over Your Job?

The Industrial Revolution took the developed world by storm and the benefits of much of the technology still has a place in our daily lives. Technological advances over the past century have improved the lives of countless individuals and inspired many of the greatest moments humanity has experienced. From putting a man on the moon... Read More

The Fight With Hackers

Decades ago, the term “hacker” was associated with computer wiz-kids: technically-adept masters of the emerging computer revolution. These individuals didn’t always stay within the bounds of the law, but they were more likely to be motivated by exploration and curiosity than financial gain. Today, though, the word has a decidedly more sinister connotation. When people... Read More

What is cloud technology

For a very long time, computer storage and computer networking were things we could see as well as use. When a company wanted to check out its network server, it just needed to head over to the computer room and that was where the server was kept. For personal users, storing data on a local... Read More

Review Of The Amazon Fire Phone

The Amazon Fire Phone was recently released by seemingly in an effort to compete with the other big names in smart-phone technology like Samsung or Apple. There has been speculation about this phone coming out for years on end now and now people are eager to try it out. The phone will definitely speak... Read More

Review Of The Surface Pro 3

With the release of the Surface Pro 3, billed by Microsoft as the tablet with “the power and speed to do real work.” Many consumers are seriously considering whether a tablet really can render their laptop obsolete. After all, tablet devices have been embraced by millions of users; according to TabTimes, as of 2014, approximately... Read More

Quick Peek At Google Glass

Google Glass is an innovative type of personal electronics device. Unlike most electronics, they are worn on the head and controlled with speech. Google intends for them to be the world’s first ‘ubiquitous computer’. The display is small and gives its wearer data in a similar way to a smart phone. Availability Google provides the... Read More

Review On Windows 8

It’s no secret that Windows 8 was highly buggy and problematic when it first came out, especially for PC users. This is because Windows has focused it’s so called “metro” style on mobile devices. That is to say, Windows 8 was designed to be both for PC and mobile, which is why the little boxes... Read More