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What is cloud technology

For a very long time, computer storage and computer networking were things we could see as well as use. When a company wanted to check out its network server, it just needed to head over to the computer room and that was where the server was kept. For personal users, storing data on a local hard drive was easy and convenient. Physical storage seemed like one of those elements that wasn’t broke, so there was no need to fix it.

Then the cloud came along and changed everything. With a cloud service, a company could eliminate the need for its expensive server hardware and all of the other networking hardware that was required to keep a network going. The cloud also allowed personal users to access huge files that were several gigs in size on tablets that could only hold 500 MB of data locally.

What Is The Cloud?

A cloud service is a metered networking service that users access through a secured Internet connection. Instead of your storage being local, it is hosted at a cloud service location that is connected to a high-speed Internet connection.

A cloud service can offer data storage as well as productivity software. For example, instead of buying Microsoft Word, you would only pay for the time that you actually use it. The easiest way to think about the cloud is that you pay for it just like you do your electric bill. You only pay for the electricity you use and you only pay for the storage and productivity programs you use as well.

Why Do Businesses Use The Cloud?

Cloud technology allows a company to have a computer network without the need to invest in servers, cabling, software, and technicians. All a company needs is a cloud provider and computers that can access the Internet.

A cloud service is extremely portable and scalable. A small business can hire people that are scattered all over the world and everyone can access the same network. When the company needs more storage space, it simply adds more space to its account and its monthly rate will increase accordingly.

Concept Of Cloud ComputingWhy Do Personal Users Use The Cloud?

Imagine being able to access any file that you want on any device that you own. Cloud technology allows personal users to access any file they want no matter where they are and no matter what kind of computing device they are using. Your 500 MB tablet suddenly has the storage capacity of a 10 TB server. The cloud allows people to take their personal and business files wherever they go and it also keeps those files safe.

Cloud service providers use redundant servers and do regular backups of all of the data they host. The connections are secure and users can restrict access to their data by using password protection. That means that a company can allow its employees to log into their cloud service, but it can restrict what people can access. The cloud has made computing easier and more accessible for everyone.

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