Review Of The Amazon Fire Phone

AmazonThe Amazon Fire Phone was recently released by seemingly in an effort to compete with the other big names in smart-phone technology like Samsung or Apple. There has been speculation about this phone coming out for years on end now and now people are eager to try it out. The phone will definitely speak to a person who is a fan of the website, as it makes purchasing much easier from which could have the unfortunate side effect of making impulse purchases much easier for the average customer. The Amazon Fire Phone also comes with a years subscription to Amazon Prime, which will undoubtedly attract many who rely heavily on Amazon Prime’s many different services. But the real question is, as far as technology is concerned, is the phone really worth buying?

To Buy Or Not To Buy

The answer to this is a complex one. The Amazon Fire Phone has some amazing features. It’s strongest feature is the five camera’s that it has on the front. These five cameras are for the phone’s revolutionary feature Dynamic Perspective. This feature tracks your head and is able to works out the distance your head is from the screen of the phone. This results in images that are like 3D graphics on the screen of the phone. But this feature does a have a few drawbacks, mainly that those who are prone to motion sickness will not enjoy this feature. However, the good news about this is that it can be turned off.

Another feature in the Amazon Fire Phone is the bar-code scanner they named Firefly. This bar-code scanner lets you scan just about anything that you can think of, from shoes to groceries. But the main point of this particular feature is probably to get you to buy whatever the item it is that was scanned from While it could be useful in getting comparisons in prices in many different situations, some users have reported feeling conflicted about this particular feature. Certainly if you are a fan of purchasing things from this feature will certainly be one that will be welcomed.

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