Valet Parking Concept

Automated Valet Parking

There is absolutely no question that driving around a parking lot searching for a parking space is a frustrating scenario. Now imagine this – you arrive at a packed retail establishment with no parking space in sight; however, you no longer have to worry about finding a spot. You simply step out of your vehicle, pull out your smartphone, press the valet parking app and begin your shopping excursion. The app instructs your vehicle to find an open spot and to part itself.

Automated Parking- True Or False?Valet Parking Concept

Sound too good to be true? The fact is that this may be a reality in the not-so-far-off future, due to technology that is recently being developed. Companies such as Valeo, which is a Paris based provider of autonomous vehicle devices is on the verge of mastering this new technology.

According to recent reports, a valet parking system may become a common feature on all types of vehicles within the next decade. The advances with this technology are being made one step at a time. The goal of this technology is to allow people to exit their vehicles, walk away and use their time for other, more important things than trying to find a parking space.

The Valeo company has used a Land Rover to demonstrate the possibilities of this technology in a simulated parking structure. During the demonstration, the vehicle had a number of different types of equipment attached, such as a laser scanner, cameras and environmental sensors, which allowed it to drive itself through the entire structure and then into an empty parking spot.

Those who are supporting this new automated valet parking app state that it will help to make the roads much safer and reduce cases of gridlock; however, it has also raised the challenges for governments and industry. One of the challenges is to ensure that the industry does not actually alienate motorists who are not comfortable with this type of connected technology.

Not Everyone Is Tech Savvy

Those who are in charge of creating this technology are working to ensure they are thoughtful to a population that is aging and who may not be as tech savvy. The fact is that the car dealers considering using this technology has to continue making vehicles that will appeal to everyone, which means they cannot leave out those who may not want this technology loaded option.

No matter your view on the new technology, looks like it is coming. For many the idea of never having to find another parking space is extremely appealing. An automated valet system offers a glimpse of what’s to come in the vehicle industry.

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