Technology in the Legal Industry

The idea of the law firm as a fixed location in one office is slowly fading as connectivity allows for more lawyers to work remotely. Technologies such as secure socket layer (SSL) and virtual private networks (VPNs) allow lawyers to do their work without worrying about unauthorized viewers. Smartphone apps ranging from simple email to legal document creation save time and offer convenience. There is almost no need for a lawyer to spend valuable income on an office space with the available technologies on the market.

Transmission Security

Being able to transmit legal documents as securely as possible is of the utmost importance to the lawyer on the go. VPNs and SSL offer the ultimate in secure transmission without the worry of a hacker getting hold of the documents. Both work in different ways, but lock down the data beyond the reach of all except for those who have the proper access clearance.

Secure socket layer is an encryption protocol with years of proven security behind it. Submitting a document through SSL means that the only people who can see it are the ones who have been given the encryption key or authorization to view it.

A virtual private network creates a secured access point for users. Someone who is working remotely can log into the VPN, enter the required login information, then access the network. The network knows that the user is allowed to view files and download them through the VPN. Any unathorized attempt to get into the network outside of the VPN is denied and logged for future investigation.

Smartphone Applications

Just about every lawyer carries a smartphone for ease of communication, but the smartphone is much more than a device for making calls and writing emails. Legal apps are available that perform a variety of functions, ranging from reading and writing PDF or Word files to writing many different types of legal documents. Everything that is created on the phone is formatted for printing on regular paper later. What this means is that there is no loss of data or specific format when being printed out from the phone.

The combination of all of these technologies gives the lawyer the opportunity to work from home and never have to rent space ever again. Whenever anything is needed, it’s available with the log in through a VPN, whether it’s through a laptop or smartphone. Concerns about security are eliminated with available security, and business can be performed as usual without feeling like a hacker is looking over the shoulder.

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