Review On Windows 8

It’s no secret that Windows 8 was highly buggy and problematic when it first came out, especially for PC users. This is because Windows has focused it’s so called “metro” style on mobile devices. That is to say, Windows 8 was designed to be both for PC and mobile, which is why the little boxes in Windows 8 look the way they do. They are designed to be easy for someone using a touchscreen to use. Here are a few of the latest reviews and developments for Windows 8.

Traditional Reviews

One of the big problems people have had with Windows 8 traditionally, is the task bar and the lack of a traditional start menu. There’s something new instead, called a “Start Screen.” This is a completely new screen that pop ups over the traditional desktop screen. There’s no little button marked “Start” anymore in the bottom left corner of Windows like there used to be for all of the former recent Window OS programs. This is something that a lot of people complained about. The task bar that’s stuck in place and makes the PC harder to use is something else that people complained about as well, since it was often a hassle.

New Windows 8 Updates

Windows is up to Windows 8.1 Update 1 now, and it has some new additions. The main one is that you can now get to the task bar from any screen. The task bar is now something that won’t block your ability to interact with the bottom part of your screen like it was in the original version, or Windows 8.0. What happens now, is the task bar jumps up as soon as you scroll down towards the bottom. You can also now pin both desktop and Windows Store apps on the task bar.

Another new addition in this update is that you can right-click on boxes inside of the Start menu and get a more traditional drop-down menu. Older versions of Windows 8 did something totally different when you right-clicked on a box. It created this green bar with only a few options at the very bottom of the screen. This was pretty inconvenient, not to mention unnatural for long term Windows users. Now, a more recognizable menu appears that is more in the drop-down format. There are also additional options that weren’t available previously.

Overall, Windows 8 may not appeal to all users, but Microsoft is slowly updating the OS and making it more palatable to loyal Windows fans.

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